Sunday, September 25, 2005

The very first post...

This is the first Retail Security Tag blog. This blog’s mission is to explain ways to save retailers money by lowering theft and to inform people about the electronic article surveillance industry. We have many EAS industry experts contributing to bring readers a wide range of EAS questions and answers.

It is never too late to talk about saving money. Every retailer reading this should be interested in taking home more profits. If you want more money I have 2 important words for you. The first word is "Sensormatic" the second is "Checkpoint". These are the names o the two largest manufacturers of electronic article surveillance equipment in the world. If you see either of these names on a piece of equipment, chances are it could save you money.

Sensormatic is the company that supplies EAS or electronic article surveillance equipment to Walmart and The Home Depot. If you have ever purchased a CD, DVD or any random boxed item from a major chain store chances are you've noticed a small plastic strip built into the packaging. These "sticker alarm sensor tags" work with the antennas located at the entrance or exit of a store (they look like metal detectors). Sensormatic is part of Tyco and in our opinion currently makes the highest quality electronic article surveillance equipment in the world. Sensormatic is way ahead of the rest of the industry in its tag and detacher systems. Right now the Sensormatic Supertag is so far ahead of any other tag on the market their is no clear second. Sensormatic is a leader in many areas but when it comes to tags it is the undisputed king.

Checkpoint Systems supplies Target, CVS and many other world leading chains. Checkpoint makes great systems and is famous for their paper thin disposable soft tags or alarm stickers. Checkpoint Systems are without question the most reliable manufacturer of high quality "RF" electronic article surveillance equipment in the world (Sensormatic makes "AM" equipment). For a truly flat paper tag Checkpoint is the acknowledged world leader. Checkpoint hard tags are primarily opened with a classic magnetic detacher. Checkpoint makes great products that are known for reliability when moved and reinstalled time and again.

When it comes to electronic article surveillance, there is Sensormatic and Checkpoint, and then there is everyone else. Thanks for reading our blog. More free information coming a.s.a.p.


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