Monday, June 26, 2006

BatkaLore and Muldovian Security

In Europe there is a name that strikes fear into all those who hear it uttered. It is a name that has not been freely spoken for over two thousand years.

"Cain Batka"

Cane's legend began over 2 millennia ago in the Muldovian countryside. A young girl was fetching water for her fathers herd of sheep. As she made her way through the forest she heard a strange noise coming from an abandoned well. As she leaned over the lip of the mysterious hole she was startled to see something floating in the long forgotten bogish bottom. It was a human hand that appeared to be clutching something. Being an inquisitive and brave child, the girl began to climb down the old rope that still hung from the wells apex. As she approached the dismembered limb a strong sense of fear began to overtake the youngster. She could now see more clearly what was in the forgotten hand. It was the hilt of a broken sword. She reached out and grabbed at the shattered end of the weapon so as to avoid touching the human remains. As she lifted the sword the rotting hand slipped away and submerged. The girl then noticed an etching at the bottom of the blade. It was a name. She read the engraving in a low whisper to herself, "Cain Batka". SNAP, as she spoke the rope she was dangling from splintered and the girl fell into the bog. It was many hours before the girl was rescued. What followed in the coming days has caused the Muldovian countryside to live in fear to this day.


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