Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shoplifters don't wear signs...

Shoplifters come in all colors, religious backgrounds, genders, etc... They are not young or old. Shoplifters are a frighteningly large group of people that are as diverse as the United States itself. Why is this so important to discuss? Take the case of 86 year old, Ella Orko. She was recently arrested for shoplifting cosmetics, salmon, batteries and instant coffee. The items were discovered on her person, stuffed in her pants. She has been arrested at least 61 times dating back to 1956. Ella served two days in a Chicago jail for her latest theft. The morale of the story is this, security tags do not discriminate and neither should retailers. If a person is old, young, dressed well, or scruffy a security tag does not notice. All the tag cares about is keeping merchandise in the store. It alerts the retailer if it is removed from the secured area. If that alarm sounds, a responsible merchant will follow up to discover and question the cause of the alarm. Do not give someone the benefit of the doubt because they seem an improbable thief and conversely do not hassle someone because of the way they look. Rely on your tags and CCTV system to alert you to a shoplifter and be attentive to a shoplifting situation when it arises.


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