Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hectic holiday Halloween howls...

If there's a holiday, where you celebrate ghouls, what you gonna have?
If your store sells goods, that kids would want, what you gonna have?

It's not just a catchy security tag jingle, it's the truth. So now that Halloween is here it's time to get serious about retail security. Pretend you have actual dollar bills sitting on your shelf instead of goods. How would you feel about a bored rich kid having some fun by coming into your store and taking a stack of $10.00 bills off your shelf. It's not to late to draw a line in the sand and say stop, do not steal my hard earned money.

What do you do.

1. Know as many of your employees as you possibly can. This will help you detect criminals and build loyalty.
2. Inventory your merchandise at least twice a year and have accurate bookkeeping.
3. Use an electronic article surveillance system. Security tags or EAS systems are proven to drastically reduce inventory shrinkage.
4. Use a CCTV system. Closed circuit television is a must have when investigating a crime and assessing vulnerabilities.


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