Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Retail Security Season 09'

Shoplifting is at an all time high. This recession has brought out the best and worst in people. Friends and family are leaning on each other for help in these tough times and often finding that no matter how bad it gets loved ones will stand by you. Unfortunately people who were law abiding have in many cases fallen to temptation during these challenging years. People who would never have considered shoplifting are now making it a career. Tough times are truly bringing out the best and the worst. Retail security is one way to combat those poor soles that have chosen the immoral path. Security tag everything in your store. Make sure your Checkpoint or Sensormatic system is tuned up. Get a CCTV system in place to watch your employees on the register. This is not the time to save money on security measures. Retail stores are ground zero when it comes to opportunity theft. Indifference by a store owner is tantamount to an invitation to steal. We can not prevent all shoplifting, but we can prevent it from putting you out of bussiness.


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