Thursday, October 20, 2005

In the wake of a Hurricane...

Shattered glass adorns a grim cityscape battered by a storm that contained the very fury of nature. Citizens are sporting a blank stare, illustrative of the malaise they feel. Their is only one thing that can transform this situation into a winning one. That one thing is called positive resilience. Don't allow yourself to be defeated. When life gets hard it's time to prove you can be just as hard. Stand tall, stay positive and thank god that modern technology gives us the advantage of preparing as best we can for these catastrophes. Find the things you can be thankful for and hold on to them tightly. For the retailers out their, remember that when disaster strikes our government always comes in with a truck load of many to help business. Take advantage of this money. Fill out the forms, get the hard earned money, and invest it in to your business. Obviously one of the best ways you can put that money to work for you is with an electronic article surveillance system. Retail security tags are proven to drastically lower shoplifting. Even a hurricane can be turned in to a positive.


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Blogger bedbathstore said...

in the wake of wilma i am securing all my store fixtures and adding more cameras for additional protection

11:07 AM  

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