Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Master Shoplifter To Be Released On London...

An infamous and cunning shoplifter that has been jailed for over 20 Months is pending release later this year. The so called "Millionaire Shoplifter" Kevin Castle is soon to be able to resume his role as the scourge of London retail stores. Kevin earned his moniker by frequenting the London Ritz hotel clad in Versache, Armani, and Louis Vouton. After a day of shoplifting Castle could be seen driving on Piccadilly in a rented Porsche Cayenne, where he would pull up to Rivoli Bar and rub elbows with the aristocracy. UK retailers have long embraced anti shoplifting methods, but the release of this repeat offender should serve as a warning to shop owners worldwide. Shoplifters abound. They are of varying ages, creeds, backgrounds, and social class. Many shoplifters are caught time and again, yet are released to haunt our businesses. Retail security must be given the priority postion it deserves in order for a business to survive. Let's hope that if Mr. Castle attempts to steal again a security tag brings him to justice. If your shop does not have an electronic article surveillance system, there is a good chance the "Millionaire Shoplifter" will be having his next Tom Collins on you.


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