Thursday, October 27, 2005

Security tags - The Next Generation

First officer McTaggers:
Captain, shoplifters have fired the equivalent of a photon torpedo right into our shield generator. They are attempting to use our own magnetic detachers against us.

Captain Frost:
Easy commander, we've dealt with shoplifting attacks like this before. Security officer, switch shield generators to ultramax mode. Ensign, put supertags on all our garments. Let's see these rogues try and sneak a Supertag hand detacher passed our shields.

Ensign Mootel:
What do you mean captain, at the academy we learned that shoplifters often attempt to steal tag detachers in order to destroy us.

Captain Frost:
That's right ensign they do. That is precisely why the ship has been secured with Sensormatic ultramax tags. If a shoplifter is foolish enough to make another run at us, we'll here him coming a mile away due to the embedded security device attached to the supertag detachers they will try to use.

Ensign Mootel:
So if they try to bring in a detacher we'll know, and we'll also know they are a shoplifter. Captain, Sensormatic Supertags sound like the answer to our prayers.

Captain Frost:
When it comes to security, ensign, they are the answer. Lets just hope we have enough tags to last us on this continuing voyage. We'll take one galactic challenge at a time. For now, good job, let's get back to work.


Blogger Chief Covered Feet said...

This is my new favorite blog. Crossing security with Star Trek- genius. And you even solved a major dilemna that many of my customers face- magnetic tags just don't stop professional shoplifters. I'm going to switch everyone over to these supertags right away.

What's even better is that I found a link to this website on your blog where I can buy these tags used and save a bundle-

Thanks Security Tags!

7:26 PM  

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