Friday, November 05, 2010

Shoplifting can lead to a taser showdown...

There are more and more reports of shoplifters being apprehended after being tasered. Arlington heights police arrested a female shoplifter after using a taser to apprehend the thief on 10/28/10. The shoplifting took place at a Kohl's department store. Store security attempted to stop the shoplifter but where fought off. Eventually the paramedics were brought in to remove the electric probes from the perpetrators body so she could be safely transferred to police headquarters. Police attempted to taser a shoplifter on 10/12/10 in Pittsfield MI. They missed the target but were lucky enough to apprehend the criminal hiding in the bushes. On 10/3/10 a man was tasered outside of a Walmart after being detained by store security but resisting the arresting police officer.


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