Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Never Strip Search A Person In Public View...

It was reported in the Oregonian last week that a Portland man has been awarded $35,000 in damages for being forced to strip off all but his pants in view of customers in a Wallgreeens store. Wallgreens employees believed that Henry Peth had stolen batteries and hidden them under his clothing. They insisted he remove his shirt without first taking him to a private area. Mr. Perth had not stolen anything and was humiliated by the experience. Hailing from Ghana Mr. Perth is especially sensitive to allegations of theft as it is considered a disgrace to the entire family in his native land. In some cases it has been reported that the theft of a chicken would result in the chicken being tied around the thief's neck for the purposes of parading the thief through the marketplace where he will be embarrassed and beaten. Henry has been vindicated and Wallgreens employees have learned a valuable lesson about proper loss prevention procedures. Never force a customer to strip in public view!


Blogger Ralph Johnson said...

This should serve as a lessons that any person should be regarded innocent until proven 100% guilty.

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