Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Security tags - The Next Generation: A thorn on every rose

Captain's log, November 2, 3782:
We have been circling the wayward outpost of celeinos alpha two, for almost a month now. The governing council of this retailing colony has taken commander McTaggers hostage in what they would call a last ditch attempt to wrest the secrets of Federation retail security guidelines away from us. I have ordered my crew to engage any threat that breaches our safety zone, while Ensign Mootel leads an away team to the surface of this moon in an attempt to rescue our first officer.

Ensign Mootel:
I demand to speak to the ambassador.

ShockTrooper Marly:
You can demand anything you like, but will receive no cooperation until we learn your retail security secrets.

Ensign Mootel:
Federation retail security tags information is not something we will ever bargain with. Our merchants depend on electronic article surveillance equipment that is cutting edge and reliable. We always deliver! Our reputation and ability to protect against shoplifting will never be sacrificed, even for our own people. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. It's simple math. One in exchange for many.

ShockTrooper Marly:
So you know you will never see Mctaggers again and you don't care hmmmm. I guess will just have to keep you here with us also. Guards seize him.

Ensign Mootel:
The Captain'll deal with you Marly. Don't think your gonna get away with............


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