Monday, January 09, 2006

What to do with Jeffrey Goines

What happens when a raving lunatic walks into your retail store? Stay calm! When a nut job invades your space, the first thing to do is make sure they are not a customer. Insane customers spend a lot more than sane customers. Just because he or she is crazy, does not mean they are a shoplifter.

If you do have a non shopping, thieving whako in your store what do you do. The police are not a power to call upon lightly, but if you need them call. Don't let an employee or loved what be hurt by a psycho when the police can protect you from this shoplifting scourge.

Drug addicts can act like insane people, so you should be wary of shoplifters stealing for drug money.

The safest and most effective shoplifting deterrent (even for crazy people) is Electronic Article Surveillance. Sensormatic security systems or Checkpoint systems are the best in retail security. Putting on a hard tag or soft tag and waiting for the criminal to reveal themselves is so much better than "Hawk Position". Let security tags take the next shift. I promise, you will thank me.


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