Friday, December 30, 2005

God Bless America

Happy New Year to all. The used Sensormatic tags superheroes wish all people a happy and healthy New Year. To those retailers out their we say, you're welcome for providing the warm blanket of security that an EAS system is. EAS tags have made for many a restful night for retailers far and wide.

To the men and women providing the blanket of security to the citizens of America, we say thank you. Retailers can survive with out EAS but will suffer. Americans can not survive with out the armed services. So at this time of year especially, we say God Bless the Armed Services and the brave souls who put it all on the line every day.

To those HDTV enthusiasts out there I say, wait. HD DVD is coming to a home theatre system near you. Soon we will all be able to watch high definition DVD's in a fully bar free format.


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