Friday, December 09, 2005

Top ten reasons to prosecute a shoplifter

1. Prosecuted shoplifters are less likely to revisit the store that pressed charges against them.

2. People in handcuffs have a tough time stealing.

3. Police are always risking their lives, it's nice to give them a low danger task like booking a shoplifter.

4. Picking someone out in a line up is fun.

5. Shoplifters have big mouths and tell other thieves what stores to avoid. They often report on who does and does not have Sensormatic or Checkpoint security tags.

6. The more money you save on loss, the more money you have for HDTV television sets at your location of choice.

7. Stealing is illegal and immoral why let someone flout our laws.

8. Not pressing charges is enabling a criminal to continue.

9. Hardened criminals in Jail love fresh meat.

10. Crime doesn't pay.


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