Saturday, December 31, 2005

Socks and Air Conditioners

The chain reaction that is shaking the world.

Q. What do security tags, air conditioners, plasma televisions, and socks have in common.

A. Only as much as trees, fish, clouds and streets.

If a consumer is going to make a purchase, they deserve to have the best possible information. If you are going to buy security tags, you need to know the compatibility. If you want to buy HDTV, you should know what you are buying and the differences between technologies. Window air conditioner units require a certain technical examination prior to purchase( BTU ). Socks are as universal as the clouds in the heavens. People need socks for jogging and walking. HDTV is a great way to pass the time ( especially HD plasma television ). Air conditioners keep you cool, even window A.C.'s. Security Tags are a vital part of any retail security system.

The connection is the same. Fish, HDTV, Clouds, Security Tags, Trees, Socks, Air Conditioners, Streets. Think about it.


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