Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Are you the new one?

Now that's a good retail security song. A lot of people are launching security websites these days. Some talk about loss prevention others about electronic article surveillance. Guess what people, if you are not going to say something new about security tags nobody cares. Blah blah sensormatic, Blah blah checkpoint systems, is just not going to cut it. Tell us something we don't know. A classic shoplifting story is always appreciated. Act like you care people. Running off at the mouth with the same old B.S. is so 90's. Here's the deal - If you are in the EAS industry and are making a website include something about these topics and you wont fall into the trap of repetitive garbage.

1. What happens to shoplifters after arrest?
2. How do you catch shoplifters with detachers?
3. Why is one tag really better than the other? No sales pitches, just facts.
4. How long do different hard tags last for?
5. What is the EAS system of the future?

Someone impress me, please.


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