Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You wanna talk Security Superhero...

It's all about Bauer baby. Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer for those who do not know, is the superhero featured in the fox networks' 24. Jack does not take any crap. Jack does not care about the rules. Jack cares about results. If Jack Bauer was running security in your retail store shoplifting would not be an issue. Jack Bauer would likely torture a shoplifter with in an inch of his or her life in an attempt to determine the full scope of the shoplifting plot. Jack Bauer however is not available for security detail in every store in America. Used sensormatic systems and used checkpoint systems are available in every store. We do not recommend torture but a strong EAS system is advisable. Detection systems, security tags, detachers and deactivators can not do the job of 1 Jack Bauer, but they can do the job of 2 regular security guards. Sensormatic antennas never ask for a pay raise or health insurance, which is also nice. If you can't get Jack, get the next best thing (no not Chloe) used Sensormatic EAS equipment.


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Thats a funny post. sereius subject but funny post.

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