Thursday, May 25, 2006

EAS Rose of Texas

That's right I said EAS rose of Texas. Remember the Alamo and To Live is Sock are the 2 most widely recognized Texas related slogans in the world. The Alamo represents the patriotism and steadfastness of the great state. To Live is Sock reminds us of Sockem Cotton the great Sock Puppeteer who made Texas as well known for its Sock puppetry as its gun fights. When Sockem Cotton stood in the basement of the Alamo and declared in one voice with his neighbors "To Live is Sock" women and children wept. The steely eyed men who where present became heartened at the sound of unrelenting truth. Weather it is HDTV or Sleeping pills, To Live is Sock!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Used Sensormatic Rules The Day...

If you want to protect Hip Hop clothing or Hand Painted shirts crafted by black artists I have a great product for you. It is called the Sensormatic Supertag. The Sensormatic Supertag is the latest in a line of retail security treasures manufactured by the worlds largest EAS maker. Ultragators are a popular predecessor of the Supertag. Like Julie in 11 Supertags are the best.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Used Doormax, Nice!

It is always exciting when you can put a cutting edge piece of technology at a discount price. With the digital doormax manufactured by Sensormatic and refurbished by the retail security value abounds.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Components For a 6 Footer HAS EAS...

RF package - 6 Foot door, 2 Regoster, Stickers and Hard tags
* Strata Dual Antenna Checkpoint Detection System
* Two CPV Deactivators
* Two new Super lock Mag-Detachers
* Large Hard Tags or Reg Clam Tags
* Series 410 Checkpoint Stickers

AM package - 6 Foot door, 2 Regoster, Stickers and Hard tags
* Ultrapost Dual ANtenna Sensormatic Detection System
* Two Rapid Pad II Deactivators
* Two SuperTag power Detachers
* Super Tags or SuperTags
* UltraMax Stickers - Labels

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sopranos Security pros...

The new season of the Sopranos is so week it should make retail security precautions a lot more effective. The resale value on the streets for a season 6 DVD set will be much less due to the fact that the season is sub par. Less customers equal lower street value. The Sensormatic tag embedded inside will have an easier time against fewer threats.