Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fear No Cylons

The frakking toasters should not be feared they should be defeated. No cylon can out think a human if the human is truly focused and 100% committed. Shoplifters are like cylons if you resign yourself to defeating them no matter the challenge you will stop the shoplifting scum. Remember, once they get in your head it's all over. Fight on anti shoplifting soldiers, fight on!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

TV oh TV...

Television has been in a state of flux for a long time now. Between the battle over HDTV and the new TV technology types out there. DLP is already past it. Flat Panel is taking over and there are new flat panel types on the horizon. SED and TDEL are in the pipeline. Plasma and LCD are already here and are taking over. Television is changing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Free Falling...

When will LCD prices start free falling?
LCD and Plasma TV's are great but their prices need to come down so everybody can partake in this flat panel revolution. HDTV sets lead by flat panels have ushered in a new era of television watching pleasure. Unfortunately this era bares the earmarks of the Jim Crowe south. It's not racial lines but economic barriers that are separating people these days. We need to stand up as one people in one voice and say enough is enough. All people deserve to watch HD nature programs on a 42" flat panel LCD or Plasma in the privacy of their own home.