Saturday, December 31, 2005

Socks and Air Conditioners

The chain reaction that is shaking the world.

Q. What do security tags, air conditioners, plasma televisions, and socks have in common.

A. Only as much as trees, fish, clouds and streets.

If a consumer is going to make a purchase, they deserve to have the best possible information. If you are going to buy security tags, you need to know the compatibility. If you want to buy HDTV, you should know what you are buying and the differences between technologies. Window air conditioner units require a certain technical examination prior to purchase( BTU ). Socks are as universal as the clouds in the heavens. People need socks for jogging and walking. HDTV is a great way to pass the time ( especially HD plasma television ). Air conditioners keep you cool, even window A.C.'s. Security Tags are a vital part of any retail security system.

The connection is the same. Fish, HDTV, Clouds, Security Tags, Trees, Socks, Air Conditioners, Streets. Think about it.

Friday, December 30, 2005

God Bless America

Happy New Year to all. The used Sensormatic tags superheroes wish all people a happy and healthy New Year. To those retailers out their we say, you're welcome for providing the warm blanket of security that an EAS system is. EAS tags have made for many a restful night for retailers far and wide.

To the men and women providing the blanket of security to the citizens of America, we say thank you. Retailers can survive with out EAS but will suffer. Americans can not survive with out the armed services. So at this time of year especially, we say God Bless the Armed Services and the brave souls who put it all on the line every day.

To those HDTV enthusiasts out there I say, wait. HD DVD is coming to a home theatre system near you. Soon we will all be able to watch high definition DVD's in a fully bar free format.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sensormatic AMD 3050 Flush Mount

One of the hardest to find refurbished items is availble from HarryG Security, sensormatic detacher. The AMD 3050 flush mount fits right into a cut counter to provide a clutter free professional work space. Security tags are easily removed with this high quality machine. This supertag power detacher is black.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas Retailers... F.U. Roger Toussaint

Work, work, work, it's now or never people. Christmas is do or die for so many retailers. Just about this time of the holiday season you start questioning whether or not you can make it through without burning out. Put on another pot of coffee because you will have plenty of brake time in January. Those of you who push that extra mile will be that much happier when it's all over. Stock those shelves, work those registers, put on those security tags, and stockpile that money while you can. You never know what the winter will bring.

To those retailers located in NYC my sympathy, but now is the time to make up for lost days. It's not going to be a record season but that doesn't mean you can't have record days. A record day goes a long way to easing the pain.

To Roger Toussaint: You belong in jail. You are not a working class hero you are a union fat cat and a murderer. What about the Cancer treatments and dialysis treatments people could not get to. What about the elderly who could not get to the hospital or doctors. What about the police who could not get to people's aid. Someone had to have died as a result of the entire transportation network shutdown or disruption. That makes the man responsible a murderer. What about the businesses that are not going to make the holiday sales they need to survive and the workers who will lose their jobs as a result. What about the crime that will stem from the economic loss. Roger Toussaint you are a greedy, selfish, evil person with no regard for right and wrong. Roger Toussaint hang your head in shame you are a disgrace.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The undefeated 3 time National Champions

Congratulations to the greatest college football dynasty of all time. The jury is in, and the University of Miami is the undisputed champion. Sorry, in Advance to all those USC fans, but the U 2000 - 2002 is the greatest dynasty of all time. Only a shoplifter would deny such an obvious truth.

Trivia Question:
What Blog is Robin of Loss Prevention authoring?

Message to ICANN:
Start a .deb for the trues. is a great place to get HDTV program information. When will every person have the joy of at home HD TV viewing?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Top ten reasons to prosecute a shoplifter

1. Prosecuted shoplifters are less likely to revisit the store that pressed charges against them.

2. People in handcuffs have a tough time stealing.

3. Police are always risking their lives, it's nice to give them a low danger task like booking a shoplifter.

4. Picking someone out in a line up is fun.

5. Shoplifters have big mouths and tell other thieves what stores to avoid. They often report on who does and does not have Sensormatic or Checkpoint security tags.

6. The more money you save on loss, the more money you have for HDTV television sets at your location of choice.

7. Stealing is illegal and immoral why let someone flout our laws.

8. Not pressing charges is enabling a criminal to continue.

9. Hardened criminals in Jail love fresh meat.

10. Crime doesn't pay.