Thursday, May 31, 2007

MK225 or MK125

There are 2 Supertag Hand Detachers in the marketplace today. The MK225 and the MK125 are both somewhat reliable supertag detachers. The MK125 has a classic gun shape where the MK225 has more of a Star Trek Phaser thing happening. They both get the job done but the MK225 seems to last longer. The MK125 is a little easier to use for the old school generation. Either one will get the job done, but it's time Sensormatic invented a more reliable supertag hand detacher.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sensormatic Supertags are Scarce

Many retail security tag suppliers are on the hunt for Sensormatic supertags of all models and colors. Supertag I's, II's, and Combos are the most popular while older tags like ultragators are found in abundance. Sensormatic has maintained a firm industry lead with it's benchmark security tag the supertag and this continues today. Retail security suppliers are scrambling to meet the needs of their customers while there just does not seem to be enough inventory to satisfy the beast. One place that supertags are in stock in abundance is They have a huge supply of this hard to find gem. And they have it at the right price.