Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alpha Eyeglass Security Tags In Use...

Alpha has developed a great eyeglass security tag that really gets the job done. It's a great tag because it protects the glasses without diminishing the visual appeal of the product. Eyeglasses and sunglasses can easily be tried on with the security tags in place. Opticians have long sought a viable solution for eyeglass and sunglasses shoplifting. Alpha which is a division of Checkpoint Systems has come up with the solution. These security tags are sleek looking and durable. They will provide a retailer with years of service. Alpha eyeglass tags are compatible with both Checkpoint radio frequency security systems and Sensormatic acousto magnetic security systems.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Who Uses Checkpoint Labels?

This is a list of some Major Retailers that use Checkpoint labels. If you are producing or packaging goods for these stores you may be asked to apply Checkpoint labels during the manufacturing process.

1. CVS
2. Wallgreens
3. Target
4. The Gap
5. Rite Aid
6. Toys R Us
7. Men's Warehouse
8. Kohl's
9. Pep Boys
10. Shop Rite Liquors

There are many other well known major retailers that use Checkpoint labels. Most retailers that use Checkpoint labels deactivate them at the checkout station. Some use the pass around method but deactivation is the proper way to close the circuit. If you pass the goods around the system you risk the possibility of being a nuisance to your fellow shopkeepers. The new Evolve systems from Checkpoint can detect whether a tag is entering or leaving a store. Most stores have not had a chance to upgrade to this new superior technology yet. Until everyone has an evolve, proper deactivation or the lack there of will plague some retailers with unkind neighbors. Please deactivate your Checkpoint labels.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Source Tagging in America

Some smaller clothing manufacturers are finding out that with great buzz comes new loss prevention responsibilities. Take the case of verymeri clothing company and there breakout line of hip and trendy kids clothing. They recently released a shirt called the SuperJew tee which found it's way into an Adam Sandler movie being worn by Seth Rogen. Demand for the shirt has sky rocketed along with the rest of verymeri's designer kids wear and and now increased volume has caused verymeri to begin evaluating a source tagging initiative to keep its retail customers happy. Many manufacturers don't consider the costs that arise as you grow. Security tags are continuing to transition from the retail side to the manufacturing side.