Friday, November 24, 2006

Great Thefts In History Episode I...

January 3 2003 - Tempe Arizona - The Fiesta Bowl - NCAA National Title Game - Miami Vs. Ohio State

Miami led 24-17 in the first overtime, and the Buckeyes faced fourth-and-3 at the Hurricanes' 5. Ohio State quarterback Craig Krenzel threw into the right corner of the end zone for Chris Gamble, but CB Sharpe broke up the pass as the receiver reached back for the football. Miami's players and coaches(even Warren Sapp) ran on the field to celebrate what they thought was the school's sixth national championship. But then field judge Terry Porter(the hated one) threw a flag what seemed to be minutes after Krenzel's incomplete pass hit the turf, and Sharpe was penalized for pass interference. It took officials several minutes to restore order and get the fans off the field. Three plays later, Krenzel dove into the end zone to send the game into a second overtime, in which the Buckeyes won 31-24.

Terry Porter you are Wanted for stealing the NCAA title for the 2002 season. You are worse than a shoplifter in my eyes. Terry, I would not give you a security tag if you had a store full of leather jackets and nothing between them and the street other than an aspiring shoplifters conscience.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't Let Black Friday Turn Your Lights Out..

When in store traffic increases so does shoplifting. Black Friday should bring higher profits, but if they are offset by higher shrinkage than you end up working harder for the same money. When your inventory grows you must keep tagging your goods even though it costs money. Shoplifters use the holiday traffic like camouflage to help them steal. Don't be a victim.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shipping Supplies

Price sensitive procurement of shipping supplies is important in relation to a business's bottom line. Boxes and tape are two items that go into the cost of every package a business owner ships. Peanuts and bubble wrap, or anti-static bubble wrap are items that have always been more catalog friendly than retail shop prone. Now the internet has made shipping supplies and related products easy to price.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Coker is a shoplifter...

Larry Coker was picked up for shoplifting in the Broward County Mall. Shame on you Larry Coker. You are a bad person. Shame on you Larry. Shame.