Thursday, October 27, 2005

Security tags - The Next Generation

First officer McTaggers:
Captain, shoplifters have fired the equivalent of a photon torpedo right into our shield generator. They are attempting to use our own magnetic detachers against us.

Captain Frost:
Easy commander, we've dealt with shoplifting attacks like this before. Security officer, switch shield generators to ultramax mode. Ensign, put supertags on all our garments. Let's see these rogues try and sneak a Supertag hand detacher passed our shields.

Ensign Mootel:
What do you mean captain, at the academy we learned that shoplifters often attempt to steal tag detachers in order to destroy us.

Captain Frost:
That's right ensign they do. That is precisely why the ship has been secured with Sensormatic ultramax tags. If a shoplifter is foolish enough to make another run at us, we'll here him coming a mile away due to the embedded security device attached to the supertag detachers they will try to use.

Ensign Mootel:
So if they try to bring in a detacher we'll know, and we'll also know they are a shoplifter. Captain, Sensormatic Supertags sound like the answer to our prayers.

Captain Frost:
When it comes to security, ensign, they are the answer. Lets just hope we have enough tags to last us on this continuing voyage. We'll take one galactic challenge at a time. For now, good job, let's get back to work.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

In the wake of a Hurricane...

Shattered glass adorns a grim cityscape battered by a storm that contained the very fury of nature. Citizens are sporting a blank stare, illustrative of the malaise they feel. Their is only one thing that can transform this situation into a winning one. That one thing is called positive resilience. Don't allow yourself to be defeated. When life gets hard it's time to prove you can be just as hard. Stand tall, stay positive and thank god that modern technology gives us the advantage of preparing as best we can for these catastrophes. Find the things you can be thankful for and hold on to them tightly. For the retailers out their, remember that when disaster strikes our government always comes in with a truck load of many to help business. Take advantage of this money. Fill out the forms, get the hard earned money, and invest it in to your business. Obviously one of the best ways you can put that money to work for you is with an electronic article surveillance system. Retail security tags are proven to drastically lower shoplifting. Even a hurricane can be turned in to a positive.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What is an ink pin - tag

Benefit denial ladies and gents. Retail loss prevention experts love a good ink. Red, blue, yellow the color of the indelible ink does not matter, it's how you use it that counts. Ink pins are just that, pins. They can be used to upgrade almost any security tag, to a benefit denial tag. Meaning shoplifters will not benefit from stealing the garment. If a shoplifter attempts to remove an ink tag/pin by force the ink will ruin the garment. You can use ink pins with Supertags, mini hard tags, ultra gator tags, microgator tags, UFO tags, clam tags, golf tags, almost any retail security tag. Sensormatic and Checkpoint each manufacture their own line of ink pins. Many smaller manufacturers make a version of this loss prevention classic.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thank you

For your generous donation we thank you. Keep up the good used security tags work.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hectic holiday Halloween howls...

If there's a holiday, where you celebrate ghouls, what you gonna have?
If your store sells goods, that kids would want, what you gonna have?

It's not just a catchy security tag jingle, it's the truth. So now that Halloween is here it's time to get serious about retail security. Pretend you have actual dollar bills sitting on your shelf instead of goods. How would you feel about a bored rich kid having some fun by coming into your store and taking a stack of $10.00 bills off your shelf. It's not to late to draw a line in the sand and say stop, do not steal my hard earned money.

What do you do.

1. Know as many of your employees as you possibly can. This will help you detect criminals and build loyalty.
2. Inventory your merchandise at least twice a year and have accurate bookkeeping.
3. Use an electronic article surveillance system. Security tags or EAS systems are proven to drastically reduce inventory shrinkage.
4. Use a CCTV system. Closed circuit television is a must have when investigating a crime and assessing vulnerabilities.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hey now, you can be a security tag all-star...

Do you want to be a used security tag industry Super Hero? Start by becoming the next member of the loss prevention community to declare that you are "Retail Security Ethics Compliant". Fight against the criminals who will stop at nothing to gain access to tag removers or detachers. The fate of our retail industry dependent nation hangs in the balance. If criminals are able to gain access to the tools we use to thwart there dastardly deeds, their is no telling what the repercussions would be. Our nation is in peril and we are putting up the bat signal for all retail security tag Super Heroes. Stand up and shout "I AM RETAIL SECURITY ETHICS COMPLIANT". And when you see some punk reach for his magnet say "hey buddy, not in my store".