Friday, April 03, 2009

The 3 Wise Men of Checkpoint...

Three epic figures tower over the retail security landscape.

First we must salute the wounded soldier in the field. QS has stood tall for around 20 years. We salute you QS and the many forms you have taken. QS2000 is especially near and dear to all of our hearts with its timeless metal look, and it's unwavering functionality over the many years of service.

Checkpoint Liberty, you have advanced the fight against shoplifting in ways that can not even be put into words. Your soldiers have kept the shrinkage levels of Target, CVS and the Gap in check. During the difficult days of 08' and early 09' it was you Liberty, that survivors looked to in order to keep the stealing gangs at bay. Your early ip integration and your RFID preparedness shone like a beacon in the darkness of night. We salute you Liberty, and we look forward to your continued service.

And our new Commander, Evolve. Checkpoint Evolve means one thing, DOMINANCE! Evolve, simply said, is the most intelligent and sophisticated line of EAS shoplifting defense systems ever conceived and fielded by man. Evolve relies on Military grade detection technology to seek out and detect security tags. Once a tag has been detected preventing theft is just a matter of going through the motions. Evolve is able to determine whether a tag is entering or exiting a retail store. Evolve is customer first EAS. Never before has a loss prevention security tag system been devised with this level of customer friendly ideology while still delivering industry standard setting detection. Evolve, you will lead us into the future.