Thursday, June 12, 2008

Security Tags From Linda's Stuff

Thank you Linda. Linda of Linda's Stuff (the eBay super shop) just hooked us up and now you to can get hooked. After purchasing a great Gucci belt from Linda we got IM'ing and I was informed that a huge amount of her brand name goods come in with security tags still attached. She was sitting on a huge stock pile of used sensormatic security tags. Now this was music to my ears. Nothing makes my day like recycling someones garbage into a useful crime fighting tool. That's what I call good citizenship. I got a great deal on my belt and an even better deal on the tags. Everyone is welcome to join in on the security tag savings derived from our recycling program. The belt is all mine though, sorry. I promised Linda's Stuff I would pass along my great story. If you need designer goods, furniture, art work, or almost anything else, check out Lindas stuff. They have nice people on the phones and great pricing. I promise all of your orders will come with the security tag preremoved.