Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shoplifters needed a storage unit...

Two Idahoan women shoplifted so much that they needed a storage unit before they were eventually arrested. The cornerstones of their collection were the following:

1. Designer sheets
2. Designer Perfumes
3. Kitchen appliances
4. Lamps
5. Women's clothing
6. Kids clothing

The two suspects are currently in the Ada County jail. Their hoard yielded Thousands of dollars in recovered stolen booty.

Friday, March 09, 2012

A shoplifter has been shot...

A shoplifter was shot in the head and killed yesterday in New Jersey. After being ordered to stop running by an off duty police officer the unnamed shoplifter took a hostage. He brandished a knife and threatened the life of an innocent female mall goer. The policeman, who is surely a hero, took one shot and ended the incident. A sad story that could have ended up much worse. Shoplifters are real and they are out there. A visible retail security system will deter them from targeting your store. If they don't steal from your store because they are fearful of being caught then they will not have to be shot in your store.